Wine involving all the senses

The South Tyrol Wine Road winds its way through the south-western half of South Tyrol and is a traffic route and link between the major wine villages of the region even today. Founded in 1964, it is the oldest wine route in Italy. Surrounded by 4,250 hectares of vineyards, it represents a good 84 percent of the total wine economy in South Tyrol. Coming from the south, the starting point is Salurn-Salorno, which, as the southernmost village in South Tyrol, acts as the language border between South Tyrol and the Trentino region. In the Unterland-Bassa Atesina/Überetsch-Oltradige areas, the Wine Road also embraces the villages of Eppan-Appiano, Kaltern-Caldaro, Tramin-Termeno, Kurtatsch-Cortaccia, Margreid-Magrè, Kurtinig-Cortina, Auer-Ora, Montan-Montagna, Neumarkt-Egna and Pfatten-Vadena. The provincial capital of Bozen-Bolzano is also part of it, just as are the villages of Nals-Nalles, Terlan-Terlano and Andrian-Andriano along the Etsch-Adige river valley.

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