Walking, wine and water country

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a landscape particularly appealing: some go for rugged rocks reaching up to the sky, others prefer manicured landscape and views of greenery, while there are those who just have to be near water.

So much in one place

St. Josef Campsite lies right on the lake at Kaltern-Caldaro, surrounded by the vineyards and apple trees of the Überetsch-Oltradige area. The mighty Mendel-Mendola ridge, the elevation of the Mitterberg–Monte di Mezzo and other alpine peaks rise up behind it, with farmsteads in the traditional Überetsch architectural style nestling against the sloping vineyards around the lake. The countryside is reminiscent of southern Europe: cypresses, oleander and olive trees all bear witness to the Italian side of South Tyrol, just as the local cuisine tastes of a mixture of both cultures. A little bit of Mediterranean joie de vivre, a little bit of Tyrolean earthiness, and a whole lot of passion for good food.

The Überetsch-Oltradige area with its wine villages of Kaltern-Caldaro and Eppan-Appiano is a sunny spot that can look back on 1,000 years of wine-making. It is a place that makes you want to get moving. The South of South Tyrol – cycling, walking and fine cuisine.

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