Going up…or coming down…

Mountain bikers will also love conditions in the Überetsch-Oltradige area, with its early start to the season – usually in March – and lots of challenging trails on the Mitterberg-Monte di Mezzo elevation and around the Mendel-Mendola mountain ridge.

More experienced mountain bikers can have a go at the Rosszähnen  - a challenging tour involving the woodland paths of the Mitterberg-Monte di Mezzo elevation, heading up to the picturesque Leuchtenburg-Castelchiaro ruins via a few pretty tricky passages, before going back down again to Kaltern-Caldaro.

Adrenalin junkies will really appreciate the Penegal ridge, which involves a 15-km ride up the Mendel-Mendola pass and on to Furglauer Schlucht saddle before the fun really starts: trail upon trail requiring a certain amount of technique and making demands of your gear. These knarly roots, hairpin bends, patches of damp undergrowth and drops are really only to be tackled by more expert bikers with a lot of stamina.

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