Walking through climate zones

Thanks to its special location and shape, the area around Kaltern-Caldaro features a number of micro-climates providing the chance to cool off or warm up according to the season.

If you’ve had enough of snow and ice in February, there is a very easy 4-hour walk through a sea of snowdrops and other early-flowering plants along the so-called ’Frühlingstal‘ (‘Spring Valley’) between both lakes at Montiggl-Monticolo and the lake at Kaltern-Caldaro.

In summer, the ‘Eislöcher‘ (‘Ice Holes’) above Eppan-Appiano offer a place to cool off.

Set at an altitude of 500 metres, this spot owes its name to an interesting natural phenomenon: crevasses in the rocks there store the winter cold and cool down the air entering from above to give the air down below a temperature of just 0-5°C, even at the height of summer. Kids find love it! It takes around 2 hours to walk there.

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October 21, 2020

We say goodby and go into the winter break. We would like to thank all of our guests for their trust. We look forward to seeing you again from the end of March 2021!

Team Camping St. Josef